(1.1) About the company

Joint Stock Company «Maxsuselektrtarmoqqurilish» is:


> the only enterprise in Uzbekistan for the installation of overhead power lines (PTL) in hard-to-reach and high- mountain

>the only enterprise in Uzbekistan that carries out blasting operations on the installation of power

>the only enterprise in Central Asia with modern imported high-performance drilling equipment for the installation of overhead power lines in high-mountainous and hard-to-reach areas.

>one of the 4 only enterprises in Uzbekistan carrying out the laying of overhead power lines on flat

>one of the only 2 enterprises (JSC «Elektrtarmoqqurilish» and JSC «Maxsuselektrtarmoqqurilish») in Uzbekistan, specializing in the construction of overhead power transmission lines (TL) of high-voltage 220- 500 KV.


Our goal

The main development goal of JSC «Maxsuselektrtarmoqqurilish», like any other company operating in market conditions, is to achieve sustainable growth simultaneously with the transformation into a high-class and modern Company capable of:

Deliver consistently high profitability and shareholder income growth. Constantly offer customers and consumers high quality products and services.

Constantly implement innovative solutions in production management, marketing, human resources, finance. Create a positive image in the market, among partners, investors and in society.

Win a solid place in the local market of Uzbekistan.

Implement the principles of corporate governance based on the concept of transparency of JSC «Maxsuselektrtarmoqqurilish» to shareholders, creditors and society.

The success of Maxsuselektrtarmoqqurilish JSC depends on its ability to develop and implement an effective enterprise management system. The main lever of JSC «Maxsuselektrtarmoqqurilish» in management is its active work in the Supervisory Board of the Company. Accordingly, its primary task is to improve the corporate management system of the enterprise and, directly, its work in the Supervisory Board.

Main goals:

Implementation of a modern business management system, in particular, the system of strategic planning of the activities of JSC «Maxsuselektrtarmoqqurilish».

Implementation of an organizational management structure based on a clear separation of internal business groups:

  1. production;
  2. supply;
  3. finance and accounting;

Organize internal business teams to maximize efficiency in assessing and managing financial and operational activities.

Creation of new jobs.

Contribute to the continuous improvement of the competitiveness of JSC «Maxsuselektrtarmoqqurilish» in the domestic market and in the market of neighboring countries.

The program is also based on the principle of aggressive action to gain market share and careful planning of corporate development instead of simply responding to changes in the market for these services. Participation in competitive bidding (tenders) for the main specialization of the enterprise, if any, is mandatory for JSC «Maxsuselektrtarmoqqurilish».

Our mission

All objects on which construction and installation works have been or will be carried out are of no small importance for our Republic. They will contribute to the improvement of the energy system of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The enterprise includes the following functional departments:

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