(5.2) Looking to the future!


idea-to-successReducing the material consumption and cost at the enterprise is of great economic and social importance, as it allows you to:

The main measures aimed at reducing the cost of production are:
improve the financial condition of the company.

Rationing and reducing specific consumption rates of raw materials and materials.

Optimization of procurement of materials and components and reduction of prices for input resources by moving from a centralized system of procurement of material assets to procurement under direct contracts.

Reducing transportation costs by developing optimal routes for the delivery of materials and full loading of the transport mechanism.

Positioning and image development strategy of JSC «Maxsuselektrtarmoqqurilish»

Social engineering conceptIn order to create competitive advantages, JSC «Maxsuselektrtarmoqqurilish» uses an integrated strategy of cost reduction in product differentiation. The essence of this positioning strategy is the provision of services to consumers with differentiated properties at a relatively low cost price.

This will allow JSC «Maxsuselektrtarmoqqurilish» to receive added value from two sources: Low cost of the product.

Creation of distinctive properties (differentiation) of services for which consumers are willing to pay more.

As a distinctive feature (element of differentiation) in the market in which JSC «Maxsuselektrtarmoqqurilish» operates, it is proposed to define the image of services.

Sales markets

For the growth of the business of JSC «Maxsuselektrtarmoqqurilish» and for the increase in the productivity of the services performed, the modernization and renewal of the fleet of machinery and equipment is being carried out.

konkurenciyaThe main customer and consumer of the services provided by JSC «Maxsuselektrtarmoqqurilish» is the enterprise of high-voltage networks for the transportation of electricity UE «Uzelektroset», which is part of the structure of the Joint Stock Company «Uzbekenergo».

Other customers and consumers of services of JSC «Maxsuselektrtarmoqqurilish» are:

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