(3.1.3) Executive body

Executive Body 

 Усманов З.Х. Director of «Maxsus ETQ» JSC
Full name Usmanov Zafar Haidarkulovich
Date of birth: 12.03.1978
Education: Higher
Name of the university: Samarkand Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering
Specialization: Builder Engineer
Date of appointment: 07.07.2020

Administrative staff 



Chief accountant
Full name Bystrova Elena Konstantinovna
Date of birth 10.04.1962
Education: Secondary technical
Name of the university: Chirchik Industrial Technical School
Specialization: Electrical technician
Date of appointment: 09.06.1995

Deputy Director for General Affairs 

 Фото Абдуллазизов П.Г. Full name Abdulazizov Pulat Gaffarovich
Date of birth 16.04.1963
Education: Higher
Name of the university: Tashkent Order of the Red Banner of Labor Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers
Specialization: Mechanical Engineer
Date of appointment: 01.04.2019


 Тилавов О.А.


Chief Engineer
Full name Tilavov Olim Akhatkulovich
Date of birth 08.04.1975
Education: Higher
Name of the university: 1997 Tashkent StateUniversity, 2001 Tashkent Technical University
Specialization: Economist, mathematician
Date of appointment: 03.12.2018


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