Announcement of a competition to select an independent organization to assess corporate governance

«MAXSUSELEKTRTARMO’URILISH» on the basis of paragraph 36 of the Corporate Governance Code, approved by the decision of the general meeting of shareholders of June 30, 2018, announces a competition to select an independent organization to conduct an evaluation of the corporate governance system.

Evaluation period: 2019 results.

Organizations defined by the Code of Corporate Governance are allowed to participate in the competition.

Commercial offers must be sent in sealed envelopes by April 15, 2020 at the following address: 100147, Tashkent, Tabassum Street, 2a.

The tender offer is presented in a sealed envelope and must contain the following documents:

Summary of an independent appraisal organization:

Copies of the certificate of state registration, relevant license, qualification certificates and employee certificates;

The order and timing of the assessment;

A commercial offer on the cost of services;

It’s a technical task.

Proposals submitted after these dates are considered invalid and are not accepted.

For more information call 71 283-02-89, 71 290-36-47.

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